A Moog Hackathon finaliist playing a modified trombone to a crowd of competitors.

The e-Trombone wins 2020 Moog Hackathon, moves on to Guthman

The e-Trombone wins 2020 Moog Hackathon, moves on to Guthman

A weekend before the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, the Moog Hackathon answered one of the last questions surrounding the competition. By crowning a winner, we now know who the ninth finalist for the competition will be.

The answer: the e-Trombone! The instrument is equipped with an array of wind sensors to allow players to create brass-like sounds through different blowing techniques. It is built out of PVC pipes, and glossy spray paint makes it look metallic. It is played like a conventional trombone, and the addition of a Moog Werkstatt allows it to play sounds that are not possible out of its traditional counterparts.

The e-Trombone’s creators come from a variety of places: Ruhan Yang comes to the competition from Boulder, Colorado, while Jiewen Wang, and Xiangyi Li come to the competition from Atlanta, Georgia. They all originally came from China.

The judges for the Hackathon this year were Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Aaron Lanterman, Moog Engineer and GT Music Technology alum Chris Howe, and School of Music professor Grace Leslie.

To see the e-Trombone in action, come see it at the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition concert on March 7th at 7:00pm!

First place (Richard Guthman Prize): e-Trombone

The three creators of the E-Trombone pose around their instrument.
From left: Jiewen Wang, Ruhan Yang, and Xiangyi Li.

Second place: Didley-Moog

The two creators of the Didley-Moog explain their creation on the table, a guitar with the synthesizer attached.
From left: Ves Grantcharov and Himanshu Dedge

Third place: Digitally Controlled Patchbay

The creators of the Digitally Controlled Patchbay pose around their instrument.
From left: Vinamra Berry, Alejandro Reyes, Erick Cinco, Tony Rawda

Special Award for Best Performance: Smoothie Machine

The creators of the Smoothie Machine pose around their creation on a work table.
From left: Mason Mann, Krish Ravindranath, Jack Thomson

Special Award for Best Visual Design: Deviant

The creators of the Deviant pose around their creation.
From left: Kevin Pan, Sandeepan Mukherjee, Dustin Coha, William Compton


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