The Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

The Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

The Guthman Musical Instrument Competition is one of the only competitions of its kind: an event dedicated to identifying the newest and greatest ideas in music. Every year, we invite musical inventors from around the world to share their creations and ideas about the future of music.

The 2020 competition paired each finalist with a skilled musician from the Atlanta area. The musicians practiced and learned to play or play alongside the instrument the day of the concert, and performed for the audience to show just how accessible and innovative each creation is.

Bosko playing the Electrospit while using his phone to choose musical notes.

The ElectroSpit wins the 2020 Guthman Competition

"For those of you that may believe that everything in music was already invented, centuries ago, we beg to disagree," Georgia Tech President Ángel Cabrera said in his opening speech to a capacity crowd at the Ferst Center.

With those words, he kicked off a show that no one in the audience is soon to forget.

Thanks to everyone who came to the 2020 concert or watched online! Watch the replay of the concert on YouTube.

Meet The Finalists And Their Instruments

Ten contestants out of more than 100 applicants, from 20 countries around the globe, made it to the 2020 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition concert. 

The E-Trombone being demonstrated in front of a crowd of smiling students.

The e-Trombone wins 2020 Moog Hackathon, moves on to Guthman

A weekend before the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, the Moog Hackathon answered one of the last questions surrounding the competition. By crowning a winner, we now know who the ninth finalist for the competition will be.

The answer: the e-Trombone, created by Xiangyi Li, Jiewen Wang, and Ruhan Yang!


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