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2023 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

2023 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

The Guthman Musical Instrument Competition is one of the only competitions of its kind - an event dedicated to identifying the newest and greatest ideas in music. Every year, we invite musical inventors from around the world to share their creations and ideas about the future of music.

25th Guthman Musical Instrument Competition Winners

This year's Guthman Musical Instrument Competition featured nine finalists from six countries. Hosted by the School of Music, the event identifies next-generation musical instruments and the best new ideas in musicality, design, and engineering.

The winners of the 25th Guthman Musical Instrument Competition received cash prizes and one-of-a-kind musical instrument trophies designed by School of Industrial Design students.

Zen flute

First Place:
Zen Flute

Keith Baxter
United States


Second Place:

Elias Jarzombek
United States


Third Place:

Martelloni, McPherson, Barthet
United Kingdom

Abacusynth wins the People's Choice award

People's Choice:

People's Choice:

Dániel Váczi performs the Glissotar

Ten Instruments That Will Change How You Think About Music

In celebration of the 25th Guthman Musical Instrument Competition that took place this past March, we put together a list of competitors from previous years that really impressed us. Watch their videos and see for yourself what the future of music might be!

Collage of 2023 Guthman Musical instrument finalists

2023 Finalists

Meet the nine Guthman Musical Instrument Competition finalists that participated in the 2023 Guthman Competition. Each finalist and their instrument has a compelling story — these are the world's next generation of musical instruments.

headshots of Athan Billias, Craig King, and Morwaread Farbood

2023 Judges

Our 2023 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition judges were: Athan Billias, President of the MIDI Association; Craig King, Chairman and Co-Founder of Rap Plug Academy and Rap Plug Live ; and Morwaread Farbood, Associate Director of Music Technology at New York University.

Dániel Váczi shows the Glissotar to School of Music students

Students Touch the Future of Music at Guthman Competition

For Georgia Tech's music technology majors, the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition represents the pinnacle event of their creative study and research. Students help produce the concert, exhibit their work, and learn from the judges and competitors. They even get to play the instruments!

A robotic arm playing the drums

Our Latest Music Technology Research

Click the link below to read about the groundbreaking research conducted by Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology researchers and School of Music Students. This research aims to transform the ways we create and experience music and to create the next generation of technology for composition, performance, consumption, and education.

Start Your Music Technology Journey

At the Georgia Tech School of Music, our students combine technical skill with exceptional music talent to truly change the way the world experiences music. Learn more about our bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in music technology, our pre-college summer studio, and our innovative research labs.

Guthman Musical Instrument Competition Updates

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