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This annual event identifies the world's next generation of musical instruments, musicality, design, and engineering.

2017 Competition Winners

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This year's competition was the biggest yet and the winners you will have to see to believe!

Georgia Tech's Center for Music Technology

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The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (GTCMT) is an international research center located within the College of Design. We specialize in creative and technological research in music, focusing on the development and deployment of innovative musical technologies that transform the ways in which we create and experience music.

Our mission is to provide a collaborative framework for committed students, faculty, and researchers to apply their musical, technological, and scientific creativity to the development of innovative artistic and technological artifacts. Our work aims at combining musical, technological, and cognitive research in an effort to create rich and expressive experiences for performers and audiences alike. Areas of interest include composition, performance, mobile music, machine listening, music information retrieval, digital signal processing, robotic musicianship, interactive music manufacturing, networked music, music perception, music theory, multimedia development, and education.

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Georgia Institute of Technology
North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30332
Phone: 404-894-2000