A Guthman contestant plays an instrument that displays laser lights in a darkened theater.

About the Guthman
Musical Instrument Competition

About the Guthman
Musical Instrument Competition

Originally designed to identify the next generation of musical instrumentalists, the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition has turned into one of the nation's premiere events for music technologists.

The result is an event that exposes new technologies and novel ideas to a community of musicians who are natural experimenters. The instruments we feature are a captivating mix of digital possibilities and traditional performances that transform how we perform and experience music.

School of Music chair Jason Freeman speaks at the 2019 Guthman Competition.

Welcome To The Jam Session Of The Future

I'd like to invite you to my favorite event of the year: The Guthman Musical Instrument Competition.

The School of Music at Georgia Tech is a core part of the music technology community in Atlanta, Georgia, and this is our biggest celebration. Each year, I'm lucky enough to get to know finalists from around the world, renowned judges, and the School's own music technology faculty and students. We passionately exchange ideas about the design, engineering, and creativity needed to move music forward.

In 2024, we’ll have opportunities to engage with the competition both in person and online. If you live in Atlanta, come to Georgia Tech on March 8th and 9th, 2024 to see our hands-on music technology fair and attend the Guthman concert. If you can’t be here in person, you will still be able to learn about our finalists on this site and watch the competition on our YouTube livestream.

Jason Freeman
Chair of the School of Music

The Music Technology Community

Learn more about the quickly growing and largely influential music technology community in Atlanta.

The robotic "Skywalker Hand" project plays piano.

Georgia Tech School of Music

Our unique undergraduate and graduate degrees in music technology blend technical skill and musical talent.
The hinge of a robotic, prosthetic, "third" drumming arm.

Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology

This College of Design research center boasts first-of-its-kind study in robotics, informatics, and music.
A Guthman competitor plays a keyboard-based instrument she built with Georgia Tech students.

Music Technology at Georgia Tech

Our field greatly benefits from the culture of collaboration at Georgia Tech.

The History of 'The Guthman'

Learn how a keyboard competition became one of the globe's top music technology and new instrument competitions.

Margaret Guthman, left, wearing a yellow jacket, and Richard Guthman, right.

Meet the Guthmans

Richard and Margaret Guthman made this competition possible. An Industrial Engineer, Richard Guthman (IE'56) loved music and his wife Margaret's piano talent. He established a keyboard contest at Georgia Tech, hosted by the School of Music, in her honor in 1996. As the School grew and began researching music technologies, the contest grew, too. 


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