A Guthman Competition contestant's hands manipulate a board full of knobs.

Our Partners

Our Partners

The Guthman Musical Instrument Competition could not happen without our partners. With their help, we are able to bring you the newest and most exciting creations that music technology has to offer.

GoSTEAM@Tech helps us to challenge students of all grade levels to create the music of the future. Science ATL builds a strong sense of community through the curiosity and passion for lifelong learning that our competitors show through their love of new musical instruments. Georgia Tech Arts assists with concert and event production.

The Georgia Tech School of Industrial Design and the Georgia Tech School of Literature, Media, and Communications (LMC) partner with us for the Music, Art, and Technology Fair. 

Georgia Tech Arts' logo

Georgia Tech Arts

Georgia Tech Arts connects artists, students, and faculty working at the intersection of art, science, and technology.
GoSTEAM@Tech's logo.


GoSTEAM@Tech is an educational collaborative based at Georgia Tech to create sustainable, school-based initiatives.
The logo for Science ATL.

Science ATL

Science ATL brings people together through the wonder of science.
Logo for Georgia Tech School of Industrial Design

School of Industrial Design

Industrial design aims to fortify the designer’s role in humanizing connections between people and technology.
Logo for Georgia Tech School of Literature, Media, and Communications

School of LMC

LMC defines new models of intellectual inquiry that bring diverse humanistic perspectives on technological inventions.
Logo of Cycling '74

Cycling '74

Cycling '74 creates programming platforms for musicians and artists, including Max, RNBO, Max for Live, and more.


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