A man wearing a prosthetic third robotic drumming arm.

The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology

The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology

The Center for Music Technology aims to transform the ways we create and experience music, and to create the next generation of technology for composition, performance, consumption, and education.

Research topics

The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology conducts research in a wide variety of areas, split among five different labs.

Students working on a research project with a soldering iron.

Cognitive Musicology

Aims to answer questions about musical structure and organization, and how people respond to those structures.
A computer monitor displaying lines of code.

Computational Music for All

Seeks to engage a broad and diverse public in creative and collaborative music-making.
A student mapping out mathematic equations on a whiteboard while other students watch.

Music Informatics

Designs the next generation of intelligent music software, and new ways to produce, access, and enjoy music.
A picture of Shimon, the marimba playing robot, bathed in blue light just before a performance.

Robotic Musicianship

Researches methods of creating meaningful musical interactions between humans and machines.


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