Music technologist Ge Wang gives a presentation in Atlanta.

The Music Technology Community

The Music Technology Community

Music technologists are constantly inspired. A profound love of music and a problem-solving mindset drives us to find the intersections of melody and hardware. We're naturally drawn to music and technology hubs across the country -- lucky for us, Atlanta, Georgia, is both.

Students using a laptop and electric sensors attached to one of their throats work with a professor on a music technology project.

Music Technologists Find Inspiration, Community at Guthman

The Guthman Musical Instrument Competition is a favorite destination for musical instrument inventors and music technologists. It's been called the "Pulitzer Prize of the New Instrument World" and the "X-Prize for Music." Music technologists tell us why they come to Georgia Tech to share innovative ideas and learn from their peers.

Georgia Tech and Music Technology

A Guthman competitor plays a keyboard-based instrument she built with Georgia Tech students.

Collaboration at Tech

Learn which Schools and Research Centers are part of our Music Technology community.
The robotic "Skywalker Hand" project plays piano.

School of Music

Our undergraduate and graduate degrees in music technology blend technical skill and musical talent.
The hinge of the robotic "third drumming arm" project.

Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology

This College of Design research center boasts innovativations in robotics, informatics, and music.


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