A group of people experience a new musical instrument at the 2020 Guthman Fair.

Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair

Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair

The Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair brings together creators from different backgrounds for an interactive showcase of projects. The fair is an exciting opportunity to engage directly with creators and learn more about their work. The Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair is presented by the Georgia Tech School of Music in partnership with the Atlanta Science Festival.

Saturday, March 9 from 4 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Exhibition Hall

Admission to the Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair is free (no tickets required).

Fair Presenters and Exhibitors


Karn Watcharasupat
Bandit: A Generalized Bandsplit Neural Network for Cinematic Audio Source Separation
Francesco Fedele
Mind and Music
Xuedan Gao and Xintao Huang
Reverie: A Kinetic Sound Installation For Meditation
Nitya Jani
Capstone Project: "Play Therapy VR Room"
Luke Heerman
EarSketch Live Coding Demonstration
Lane M. Duncan, AIA Emeritus
"Granite Jazza" - A Musical and Architectural Collaboration
Virginia Howell
The Sound of Paper at the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking
Noah Posner
"Interactive Nonsense"
Ian Clester
Mark Leibert
Art & AI Research and Creativity
Jason Smith
GestAlt: an Adaptive AI-based Interactive Music System
Chaeryeong Oh
DoongDoong.club and Sound Park Emotion Dump
David Jones
The Kitchen
Noel Alben
Thesis Research with An Interactive Drum Jam Demo
J Nation
Recycled Instruments: Propane Cylinder Steel Drums, and More
Christina Shivers
Experiments in Spatial Musical Modeling
Andrea Jonsson
Voice + Research Lab
Jane Kresnadi
J.L.M. Arts
Evan Murray
Interactive 3D Audio
Mir Jeffres
Accessible Brain Music
Shimiao Liu
Contemporary Chinese Folk Music
Elayne McGrail
Noise Music: Auditory Excess in a World of Visual Overstimulation
Camry Ivory
Coloratura: Audiovisual Art

Academic and Other Offerings

Nat Condit-Schultz
School of Music Academic Programs (Undergrad and Grad)
Rose Qianyi Sun
Women in Music Technology
Nada Azem
College of Design Academic Program Offerings
Sabrina Grossman
EarSketch, GoSTEAM Project, Flyers for CEISMC summer programs
EunSook Kwon
School of Industrial Design Promotion and Recruitment
Clint Zeagler
IPaT (Institute of People and Technology) and Engagement with GT Arts

Student Hackathon Project Presentations

Music technology projects using various hardware and software platforms created during the student hackathon will be presented at the fair. 

We Bring Music Technology to STEM

Your Voice is Power Promo Banner featuring Hip Hop Artist Pharrell

Your Voice is Power

Make Beats. Learn code. Promote equity.
Music Technology student gives a presentation to a class

Music Technology Pre-College Program

A two-week program introducing high school students to the world of music technology at Georgia Tech.
Image of music technology

Learning with GoSTEAM

For K-12 students or teacher looking for fun ways to combine music with technology!
A robotic prosthetic hand called the "Skywalker Hand" invented by the Center for Music Technology, plays a keyboard.

Start Your Music Technology Journey

At the Georgia Tech School of Music, our students combine technical skill with exceptional music talent to truly change the way the world experiences music. Learn more about our bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in music technology, our pre-college summer studio, and our innovative research labs.


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