A group of people experience a new musical instrument at the 2020 Guthman Fair.

Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair

Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair

The Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair brings together creators from different backgrounds for an interactive showcase of projects. The fair is an exciting opportunity to engage directly with creators and learn more about their work. Admission to the Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair is free (no tickets required).
The Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair is presented by the Georgia Tech School of Music in partnership with the Atlanta Science Festival.

Fair Presenters and Exhibitors

Kruthi Maheshwari

Flute of the World

Val Nenov


Ian Clester


Sabrina Grossman

Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC)

Tanmay Nawar

Death and All His Friends

Matias Homar

GEP Contraption

Amanda Blocker

Literature, Media, and Communication

Yue You


Evan Murray

Gameboy Advance Tone Row Generator

Jason Smith


Qianyi Sun

Women in Music Technology (WiMT)

Sosuke Ichihashi


Asher Moffitt

The Pneumichord

Mark Leibert

Vertically Integrated Project (VIP): Art & AI

Noah Posner

Spooky Painting, Light Orchard, Community Charge, and Mona Lisa

Brittney Allen

Nick Di Maggio

Zoom MIDI Violin

Omobolanle Ogunseiju

Sounds of Astro

Sabrina Grossman & Jeff Rosen

Trailblazer Beat Organ

Charles Key

Material Culture

Lauren McCall


Ashvala Vinay


Colin Finnigan

The Art of Making

Karn Watcharasupat


Aaron Lanterman

Waveshapers of the Ondes Martinot

Punya Mardhanan

School of Building Construction

Ethan Lindblom

MIDI Chimes

Mir Jeffres

Digital Effects Pedals

Dhruv Pargai


We Bring Music Technology to STEM

Collage of panelists for Guthman

The Path Forward: Creativity in New Instruments

Watch Guthman Competition panel addresses musical instrument and interface design.
Your Voice is Power Promo Banner featuring Hip Hop Artist Pharrell

Your Voice is Power

Make Beats. Learn code. Promote equity.
Image of music technology

Learning with GoSTEAM

For K-12 students or teacher looking for fun ways to combine music with technology!
A robotic prosthetic hand called the "Skywalker Hand" invented by the Center for Music Technology, plays a keyboard.

Start Your Music Technology Journey

At the Georgia Tech School of Music, our students combine technical skill with exceptional music talent to truly change the way the world experiences music. Learn more about our bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in music technology, our pre-college summer studio, and our innovative research labs.


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