A group of people experience a new musical instrument at the 2020 Guthman Fair.

2022 Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair

2022 Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair

The Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair brings together creators from different backgrounds for an interactive showcase of projects. Join us for this opportunity to engage directly with creators and learn more about their work. Admission to the Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair is free (no tickets required).

Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair
Saturday, March 12 from 4-7 p.m.
Klaus Advanced Computing Building

We advise that attendees to the fair park close to the Ferst Center for the Arts. The fair exhibits and showcase will be in Klaus, which is a short walk from the Ferst Center.
The Guthman Music, Art, and Technology Fair is presented by the Georgia Tech School of Music in partnership with the Atlanta Science Festival.

Fair Presenters and Exhibitors

Timothy Min

Empathy for Two

Sumher Panjabi

Band in the Box

Nick Wishart

Round Sounds

Ian Clester

Aleatora: A Programming Environment for Changing Music

Qianyi Rose Sun

HearBeats - a Music Dating App

Vedant Kalbag

Scream Detection in Heavy Metal Music

Lauren McCall

Non-immersive VR Composition for Laptop Orchestra

Sara Konecny

Intersections of Engineering and Creative Costume Design

Joe Hackman

Architectural Acoustics in Small Multi-purpose Rooms: A Case Study of WV175

Joseph Taylor

Tempo Trainer

Evan Murray

Chord Candy

Tucker Alexander

Optimized Feature Selection

Jason Smith

Generative Music System

Nina Nash

Flower Connection

Seryung Kim

Chell: Chair for Cellists

Jinzhi Ye

The Jellyfish

Lissette Romero


Andrew McGregor

Airglow, STEMstrument


Your Voice Is Power




Hypercubes instrument on white background.

Guthman Concert Tickets Now Available

Following the fair, join us in person for the 2022 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition Concert. Our nine finalists will compete at the final round concert of the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition for $10,000 in prizes. Each finalist and instrument has a compelling story that brings musical and design excellence to a stage primed for discovery.

Tickets will be required for admission and we advise that attendees purchase their tickets as soon as possible to guarantee entry.

Guthman Musical Instrument Competition Concert
Saturday, March 12 at 7 p.m.
Ferst Center for the Arts

We Bring Music Technology to STEM

Collage of panelists for Guthman

The Path Forward: Creativity in New Instruments

Watch Guthman Competition panel addresses musical instrument and interface design.
Your Voice is Power Promo Banner featuring Hip Hop Artist Pharrell

Your Voice is Power

Make Beats. Learn code. Promote equity.
Image of music technology

Learning with GoSTEAM

For K-12 students or teacher looking for fun ways to combine music with technology!
A robotic prosthetic hand called the "Skywalker Hand" invented by the Center for Music Technology, plays a keyboard.

Start Your Music Technology Journey

At the Georgia Tech School of Music, our students combine technical skill with exceptional music talent to truly change the way the world experiences music. Learn more about our bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in music technology, our pre-college summer studio, and our innovative research labs.


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