The Guthman Competition

Margaret Guthman New Instrument Competition

The 2019 Margaret Guthman New Instrument Competition Finals will take place on Saturday, March 9th at 7:00 pm at Georgia Tech's Ferst Center for the Arts.

Admission is free, and open to the public.

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The Venue

The competition is hosted at the Ferst Center for the Arts, in the heart of Georgia Tech’s campus. Free Parking will be available in the W02 Student Center Parking Deck in Visitor Area 3, a short walk from the Ferst Center at Georgia Tech. The parking deck entrance is located on the driveway closest to the traffic light at the corner of Ferst Drive and Regents Drive/Means Street. After you park in the deck, exit the deck opposite from the street side, and then go right at the sidewalk, heading towards the Ferst Center at Georgia Tech, which will be on your left.

It's A Convention For Musical Inventors

While the competition is just that – a competition – for the participants, it’s also a convention. Contestants mingle with peers who have similar interests, and share ideas with other talented creators. Our semifinalists are often just as interested in learning more about the other instruments at the competition as we are! The finals begin at 7pm on March 9th, and are a classic concert format. Each finalist gets the opportunity to perform on stage, demoing their instrument to a live crowd and an online audience. It’s an experience not to be missed by music enthusiasts, technical hobbyists, or anyone else who is interested to see where technology is taking the music of tomorrow!

You're Invited to Watch the Preliminary Judging

The Margaret Guthman New Instrument Competition preliminary judging sessions are in-depth, TED Talk-style presentations, where the inventors get to both play their instrument and speak in detail about how it works. This year, we’re opening these sessions to the public. You can watch our contestants perform, and even ask them questions after the end of their presentation. Preliminary judging runs from 9:45am - 3:00pm on March 8th, and 9:45am - 12:00pm on March 9th.

Meet This Year’s Finalists


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