A presenter shares his project with someone attending the fair.

Fair Exhibits

Fair Exhibits

The Music, Art, and Technology Fair presented by Georgia Tech and Cycling '74 welcomed 30 exhibits from a wide variety of presenters. 

Check out the list below to reference who came in 2020, and what projects they presented!

Fair Presenters and Exhibits

Brittany Oliver Ahn - Everything!

Lior Arbel - Symbaline

Jim Axelsson - octaPan

Dustin Coha, William Compton, Sandeepan Mukherjee, Kevin Pan - The Deviant

Chet Udell, Myles de Bastion - Optron Mk2

Ben Bradley - Janko Capacitive-Touch Keyboard for Moog Werkstatt Music Synthesizer

Anna Doll - Art & Science of Book Conservation

Michael Einhorn - Composing Music with AI

Robert Henning - The Open Piano

John O'Kelley - 3D reproduction of Historic and at-risk tombstones reproduced in antique copper foils.

Athanassios Economou, Josephine Yu, James Park, Kurt Hong, Cvetelina Hill - Playshape

Aaron Lanterman - Retrofuturistic Hardware

Mark Leibert - Art & AI animation projects

Sang-won Leigh - Guitar Machine

Dallas McCorkendale and Mason Mann - City Sounds

Antonio Medina - The DNO (Directionally Nuanced Orbital)

Valeria Milam - Sonification analysis of non-genomic DNA sequences

Patrick Morrissey - Granulata

Evan Murray - AuraSpace Social Media Prototype

Wojtek Palmowski – EStrument

Paulette Richards - Karakuri Playshop

Kaushal Sali - Ball Dance

Nathaniel Trost - Wind Eye

Takahiko Tsuchiya - Data Sonification on the Web

Jayjay Ugbe - Bump Machine

Mike Winters & Stephanie Koziej - Tender Rhythms: A Real-Time Neurofeedback Instrument for Couples

Chongling Zhou - MultiPerception


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