2019 Guthman Finalists



Creator:Alon IIsar
Origin: Sydney, Australia

The Air Sticks combine the physicality of drumming with the unlimited possibilities of computer music. Using innovative software, it morphs 3D space around the user into a playable area.



CREATOR: Rodrigo F. Cadiz
ORIGIN: Santiago, Chile

The Arcontinuo challenges the notion of what a musical gesture is - it incorporates both natural and ergonomic gestures from a musician, changing the traditional way a user engages with the instrument.



CREATOR: Alice Barbe, Asimm Hirani
ORIGIN: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Biot-Savharp is a table-top harp with steel strings made to play with electromagnets, placed above the strings, which are enabled/disabled at the frequency of the string.



CREATOR: Gabriel Passov, Priit Bernhardt, Roman Denissov, Raivo Hiiemaa
ORIGIN: Tallinn, Estonia

The Chord Viola is a modified viola that allows the user to play registers that are not possible on a traditional viola, such as a three-string register and a double stop register in octave steps. It expands possibilities for musicians playing solo, or in ensembles.



CREATOR: moForte/Wizdom Music
ORIGIN: Mountain View, California, USA

GeoShred is a unique, expressive musical instrument with a multi-touch performance surface, coupled with an advanced physical model of stringed instruments.



CREATOR: Amit Segall
ORIGIN: London, UK

Hit - Strike - Play is an installation exploring layout design and interaction with digital musical instruments using computer vision. The installation balances the cognitive and visual feedback of a digital interface with a physical musical instrument.



CREATOR: Nathan M. Asman
ORIGIN: Eugene, Oregon, USA

Deriving its name from the wood in which the instrument was created, Kaurios is both the title of the piece and the name of the instrument itself. Consisting of two pieces (or stones, as the creator calls them), the Kaurios makes music both by the buttons on the top, and also from moving the pieces around. The instrument is completely wireless.



ORIGIN: Rome, Italy

The Koritas is an innovative intercultural musical instrument which merges existing ethnic instruments from 5 continents into a single instrument. Those instruments are: 1) An African Cajon which anchors the other instruments, 2) An African Kora, 3) An Indian tampura transformed into a pedal, 4) A Didgeridoo, a traditional Australian wind instrument, and 5) A Japanese Koshi, an instrument that functions like bar chimes.



CREATOR: Qianqian Jin
ORIGIN: San Francisco, California, USA

The QJin is a customized MIDI controller for a Guzheng (a Chinese classical zither) with a built-in amplification system to augment its capacity for live performance and sound design. A built-in arduino board allows it to interface with music software, allowing the performer a large array of musical possibilities.


S.R.I Mrudanga

Creator: Varadarangan K, Performed by Jag Jayaprakash
Origin: Bengaluru, India

The S.R.I Mrudanga is a state of the art percussion instrument that is built using a fibre glass shell and synthetic drum heads. The primary objective of this invention is to create percussion instruments that do not use animal skins, are eco-friendly, and made using engineering materials and processes that standardize and maintain consistency in tonal performance.



CREATOR:Chet Udell, Ross Hatton, Andrew Otto
ORIGIN: Corvallis, Oregon, USA

The Spider Harp is exactly as it sounds: a robot spider sits in the middle of a larger-than-life web constructed out of steel and orange parachute cord, silently listening through accelerometers in its feet. A musician begins to pluck the strings like a harpist, filling the room with enchanting sounds and haunting melodies. Its a seamless collaboration between the human performer; the robot spider, which translates plucks into location, distance, and intensity data; and custom music software that transforms this data into melodies, harmonies, and rhythms.



CREATOR: Enrico Vinholi & Ben Cooper
ORIGIN: Portland, Oregon & Sydney, Australia

The Spinstruments are designed to be reactive to the users movements. The device is programmed to assign sounds to particular types of movements so that as the artist builds a choreography, they can also create a song.  The sounds themselves can be interchanged and there are limitless possibilities for combinations of sounds.



CREATOR: Keith Groover
ORIGIN: Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

The Glide is a melodic instrument built around the accelerometer. The use and manipulation of acceleration changes the volume, tone, pitch, and attack, while a small handful of buttons select the initial pitch, legato, and transposition. It has been designed with accessibility primarily in mind, meaning that a wide range of people are able to play it regardless of physical ability, financial means, or prior musical knowledge.



CREATOR: Astrid Bin, Ryan Rose, Richard Savery
ORIGIN: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Winner of the 5th Annual Moog Hackathon, Mission Control is a cooperative interface for modular synth performance. The Werkstatt's controls are distributed among three players, who must rely upon and communicate with each other in order to effectively play it, while only being able to see and effect a small and incomplete set of controls.