2014 Competition

2014 Winners

  • First Prize – Tolgahan Cogulu , Adjustable Microtonal Guitar, allows for microtonal tunings used in non-western musical traditions to be accessed on a classical guitar by sliding or adding extra frets in specific locations on his patented fret board track.
  • Second Prize – Teenage Engineering, OP-1, a portable music workstation incorporating a synthesizer, sampler, sequencer, multitrack recorder, drum machine, mixer and controller. 
  • Third Prize – Gao Jiafeng, TRI-O, a controller that uses the side lengths and area of an ever-changing triangle to allow for a more dynamic musical experience. 
  • People’s Choice Award Best Instrument – nu desine – a new kind of digital controller from the United Kingdom, has a spherical design with playable circular pads that allow for varying degrees of expression. 
  • People’s Choice Award Best Performance – Tolgahan Cogulu
  • People’s Choice Award Most Unusual Instrument – Yuto Hasebe, Tree Guitar, a novel string instrument  from the perspective of biological morphogenesis in advanced higher art and design.


2014 Judges

  • David Zicarelli, founder and CEO of Cycling ’74
  • Chris Moore, composer, performer and Georgia Tech professor
  • Young Guru, Grammy-nominated engineer and DJ to Jay-Z.