2013 Competition

2013 Winners

  • First Prize – Hans Leeuw, The Electrumpet, an electroacoustic instrument that mimics normal playing actions but also has enhanced capabilities and recognition software to facilitate “true hybrid play”
  • Second Prize – Onyx Ashanti, Beatjazz Exo-voice Prosthesis, a voice/breath-operated synthesizer in the headgear, while the two handheld controls incorporate accelerometers, joysticks and pressure-sensitive buttons.
  • Third Prize – Merche Blasco, Espongina, using waterproof piezo sensors, audio power is captured by microphones and mapped to MIDI values in conjunction with audio softwares or a NORD MODULAR G2 synthesizer
  • People’s Choice Award Best Instrument – Roland Lamb – Roli Seaboard, evolved from the piano keyboard, this instrument bridges the gap between acoustic and digital music by providing fingertip control of pitch, volume and timbre
  • People’s Choice Award Best Performance – Onyx Ashanti
  • People’s Choice Award Most Unusual Instrument – Merche Blasco


2013 Judges

  • Laurie Anderson, one of America’s most renowned – and daring – creative pioneers bridging the worlds of art, theater, and experimental music.
  • David Wessel, Professor of Music and Director of CNMAT at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Richard Devine, internationally acclaimed electronic musician and sound designer